Sunday, June 18, 2006
X-axis assembly

I've been working on the firmware and controller software for so long now that there hasn't been much progress on my repstrap. This weekend I thought I better do something useful, so I put together an X axis assembly.

This uses a bearing at one end now for a smooth movement, and plastic tubing to connect the motor to the shaft. Each end of the shaft is lathed and polished using the Afghan method.

There will only be one drive rod on the X assembly. The extruder will be held in place by two nuts on the threaded rod, one of which will be anti-backlashed.

The other side of the extruder will be supported by a wheel that runs along the far side support. Alternatively, a steel rod could be added if that turns out not to be smooth enough. I have a pair of small wheels from a caster that will stay centred over the tubing, so I'll try that first.

Is is made entirely from plumbers copper tubing and is spray painted with grey primer to prevent the ugly copper tarnishing.

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