Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Levelling the platform
A few days ago I was taking apart a broken VCR for parts (I can get these for a couple of dollars at the scrap yard and they contain some useful parts like gearing etc.). One interesting idea they use for calibrating the spin axis of the head is to use three small adjustment screws.

Three obviously seems the best number. Two doesn't give it stability or the ability to adjust in one direction and four would require coordinated adjustment without any apparent benefit, and is likely to just damage the screws.

So what I'm planning on doing is attaching a triangle shaped piece of metal to the top of my turntable shaft. The corners of the triangle will be attached to the non-stick pizza tray (turntable) by screws. Small adjustments in the screws will allow me to get a nicely flat spinning turntable.

Similarly, the extruder platform will need some adjustments to ensure it is perfectly parallel to the turntable surface. I will do something similar to connect the top half of the frame to the bottom half so that it is also adjustable. To keep things simple, I will probably have to use 4 adjustable connectors.

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