Sunday, July 30, 2006
It's alive!

Since I put together the main frame I figured I may as well throw on some of the electronics and take it for a spin. I have just taped the bearing brackets on, but it seems very solid. I'm not even sure I'll need to screw it on.

The motors are screwed on and fit very nicely. I came up with a neat trick that ensures the drill holes line up perfectly with the motor mouting holes, even when drilling with a hand drill. I'll wiki it when I write up the process.

I put the X axis assembly on too. Yes, that's the thing I built a year ago! Good grief...

I greased it up, attached a pen, switched it on and drew a square:

The paper slipped, so it didn't quite match up.

There is a wobble almost a millimetre in size. This is caused by a not-quite-straight piece of studding that I haven't tried to straighten out yet.

I suppose I can't leave it without trying the hexagon test shape. It goes something like this:

It's not quite perfect yet, but it's something though...

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