Thursday, November 02, 2006
Repstraps are go

I finally got a chance to sit down and bore out the centre of the axes so I can insert a pin. That fits into the end of the motor shaft and holds everything in-line which pretty much eliminates the wobble. There is still a very small amount but it won't affect things too much I hope. I will remove the remaining wobble later by making properly fitting pins (the current ones are just a little bit loose).

So apart from that and realising my Z axis positive was in the wrong direction, which I fixed, the machine is all finished.

I am using an MDF platform with another piece of MDF on top, which is the actual working surface.

The limit sensors are hooked up and all systems are go. Everything is working very nicely.

The only thing that remains is I'm missing a few screws, so one of the X axis brackets it partly held in place by a clamp and the Z axis bearing mounts are held in place by duct tape, but it holds quite nicely. I'll buy a few nuts and bolts one day soon to clean it up a bit.

From the angle in the photo, the cabling looks like a bit of a tangle, but it actually keeps pretty clear of the platform throughout the travel.

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